Partnership Approach

At INI we understand that no clients are alike, and truly focus on "extending your enterprise" working with the client the way they work in order to successfully change their operating model.

Whether our clients wish to "trial and learn" by implementing one process at a time, or whether they are equipped to deal with a major change in process delivery, INI works flexibly to meet client needs, aligning with client goals, not imposing our.

All of our management practices, systems and processes are geared to this simple fact. BPO succeeds when the provider works hand in glove with the client, bringing new processes and systems, new performance enhancing techniques and skill, but fundamentally solving problems and moving the dial together, not imposing solutions

Whatever a client's customer relations goals are: quantifying sales leads, taking orders, responding to ad inquiries, market research, or general information requests, INI Customer Services Private Limited has the people with the expertise to professionally service those needs

We create Experiences, not just Support