INI Customer Services Pvt. Ltd

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INI Customer Services Private Limited (CIN: U74120MH2015PTC271047) is registered in the city of Navi Mumbai on the 15th of December ‘2015 - state of Maharashtra for International and Domestic BPO.

The name INI Customer Services Private Limited has been inspired by the letters stand for initialization. which is Latin for “Faster, Higher, Stronger” The Management of the INI identifies and believes very firmly in the values and qualities to initialize, or set parameters for, the operating system and certain programs. INI Customer Services is not a telemarketing company, we do not create the marketing campaigns for our clients. Experience has shown that many companies desire to create their own marketing campaign since they already have marketing personnel with extensive contact and experience in the industry.

INI is a leading provider of Information Technology and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Services. At INI we offer a wide a range of services spread across sectors like Customer Service, Insurance and Financial Services.INI Customer Services offers a wide range of call center service including both inbound and outbound calls. We provide bilingual services in Hindi, English and Spanish.

The most common needs that we can fulfill are:

  • Generate sales leads and transfers
  • Set appointments
  • Direct Sales and Payments
  • First level Help Desk
  • Database or mailing list information
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Follow up and up selling/soft selling

INI provides call center services throughout the customer life-cycle, right from customer acquisition to customer care and even collections.