Our Clients - INI

Over the last few years we have worked with our clients and helped them achieve better efficiency levels while at the same time have managed reducing upto 50% of their operating costs.

We have various stories to tell about the work done and successes that we have been a part of. We always offer our clients solutions to problems instead of just a service as a part we believe "Every great business is built on friendship"

Over the last year INI has gone the extra mile by getting into the shoes of the clients to be able to first understand the nature of their problems, look at things from a client perspective and then try and deliver a solution.

More often that not the solutions offered coupled with cost savings generated more than exceeded customer expectations.

Clients don't just need the service, they need a professional solution. It is this ideology that has helped us build strong relationships with our clients which in turn has helped us retain customers over a number of years.

We strongly believe in - "Asking your customers to be part of the solution, and don't view them as part of the problem. "

Debt Settlement Services :

Through our Start Up stage we have quickly grown into a leading provider of Debt Settlement Services for our North American Client.We specialize in Client Acquisition and Lead Generation for this client through our front office and back office executives.

Collections & Recovery :

Financial Service providers transfer cases of delayed or unpaid dues, to collections agencies. The main activity of the outside agency is tele-calling that includes reminding customers on phone to make payments within the due dates and collecting monies, if required. We have experience in Medial and Credit Card Collections

Educational Materials:

We cater a client who is one of India’s fastest growing education companies. They have educational tie up's with over 2000 schools in India. Many of these schools are actively using our educational products, ICT resources. These products complement the traditional classroom teaching by offering an innovative learning environment that fosters creativity, imagination, concentration, and long-lasting learning among children.