At INI, the company is is committed to equal employment opportunity for all persons, our major focus is on attracting and developing a posetive and talented workforce. We understand our success is dependent on our ability to provide employees with an enriching, motivgating and supportive environment. In turn, our employees are committed to taking advantage of our positive, high energy culture and collaborating with each other to overcome obstacles.

To ensure professional growth and provide each employee with a challenging career path, we offer extensive training, consistent mentoring and the opportunity to work with talented professionals across a wide variety of backgrounds. At INI, we are dedicated to leveraging our work enviorment also, implement best practices across the organization. As a result, our employees get a chance to thrive and build a rewarding career.


INI is one of the fastest growing companies in the SERVICE industrty, who have always welcomed new and fresh talents. We create a work enviorment where age, sex and caste is not a barrier.

Employees are judged puerly on their capabilities and willingness to learn and grow on a daily basis. We are a company for other but a family for employees, if you are willing to take up the challanges and have that ambition to grow, kindly fill in your details and HR department would contact you within in 24-48 hrs

Keys to success:

Create long-term contracts that demand constant monitoring or on-call services.

Keepig close contact with clients and establishing a well functioning long-term relationship with them to genrate repeat business and obtain a top notch reputation.

Establish a comprhensive service experiene for our clients that includes consultation, progress reports and post-program feedback.


  • Achieve break-even by year or two.
  • Establish long-term contracts with at least four clients.
  • Establish minimum 95% customer satisfaction rate to form long-term relationship with our clients and create word of mouth marketing.
  • To ensure professional growth and provide each employee with a challenging career path