Work Culture

Every day at INI Customer Services Private Limited employees are greeted with a young, dynamic and vibrant work culture.

Every individual in the organization is a vital cog that keeps the INI wheel turning. We consciously cultivate the culture of 'fun at work' as we believe if you enjoy your work, you become more productive. This spirit of teamwork and camaraderie is imbibed into all employees – regardless of their stature or position and each one is treated equally and no distinctions are made on the basis of sex, caste creed or color

At INI Customer Services Private Limited we have created an environment where people enjoy coming to work every day, where there's a transparency in the functioning of the organization and where people know what the company’s goals are, their team goals as well as their own individual goals, where people attack their work with eagerness and confidence, where they like the people they work with, where they think of the company as their own instead of employees.

Our work culture reflects our values. Team work, passion and dedication abound in INI Customer Services Private Limited We offer flexible hours, and in the case of some processes part-time options as well so that employees can find the right balance between work and home. Rewards, promotions and growth opportunities are based on performance.

We explain you the actual process to make you understand and maximize the value of your investment.

Either it is one of our regular outings, where everyone from our tightly-knit family comes together to enjoy the outdoors, have fun and get recharged to take on challenges at work, or be it quarterly inter process activities that are organized by the Human Resource Team, everyone from the organization comes together to enjoy each others company in an out of office environment. It is this team-spirit and work culture that makes us what we are.