Our Facility

INI Customer Services Private Limited is situated on the 2nd Floor of the 8 floor commercial building named Techno City IT Park.

Techno City IT Park is further facilitated with advanced and high profile security system through CCTV surveillance in common areas, ATM facility, modernized fire protection facility having smoke/ fire detection alarms and automatic fire sprinklers, ample area for visitor and reserved parking, waste disposal facility, brand made elevators, power back unhand professional team for property maintenance. Great care is taken to ensure delivery of safe and healthy work environment by planning for employee user friendly amenities on the campus.

Not only can well-designed offices impress clients and give your business credibility, it is also critical to the productivity and efficiency of your employees. Good office interior design brings together form and function to make your office inviting and aesthetically appealing but also comfortable at the same time. From the lighting, the furniture and the equipment to how it’s all positioned, everything needs to work in unison. Here we look at why office interior design is so important to the success of your business and give you some steps you can take to improve its design.

Organizing your workspaces starts with de-cluttering; throw out anything you no longer need and store things away that you don’t use often. Create a filing system for any files, contracts and other documentation you need to keep and develop systems for everyone to follow to keep your office organized and efficient.