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The Market

The BPO industry is a growing industry with most companies having an annual growth between 6.5% and 8%. This is due to businesses that are becoming increasingly aware of the need for market information and the desire to reduce customer turnover rates in a hard hit economy. A significant trend in this industry is the growing number of clients who wish to outsource business functions to client companies instead of developing such infrastructure in-house. This makes for an excellent opportunity for INI Customer Services Private Limited. However, long-term analysis of growth rates in this industry show a cyclical pattern and INI Customer Services Private Limited does not expect this high growth rate to continue. INI is one of the fastest growing companies in the SERVICE industry, who have always welcomed new and fresh talents.

INI Customer Services are currently into two market segments. Firstly, we are working in the Debt Consolidation industry since this industry has a high need to maintain contact with clients at all times. Also, we cater well know educational product in south India. We will also be working as a first level help desk for a number of small high-tech companies, and be taking on short-term projects such as surveys from small clients.

INI provides call center services throughout the customer life-cycle, right from customer acquisition to customer care and even collections.